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Diversity at Work in London

What is Diversity?

The term diversity can cover a wide range of dimensions, for example: cultural, religious, ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, race and abilities. Diversity At Work can assist companies in identifying new target markets from which to cultivate new employees and expand sales efforts. More importantly, Diversity At Work will train your company to successfully operate and integrate among these new and diverse markets.

Putting diversity to work at your business or organization can give you the competitive advantage of differentiation in your sector. Diversity At Work will show you how important diversity is to the success of your business and how to successfully manage it.

What is Diversity Management?

Human capital can be a company's most valuable investment. Diversity Management establishes Diversity as a valuable component of the company's strategy and resources. Diversity At Work can work with company leadership and human resources teams to create practical tools that ensure your workplace is equitable and inclusive. Diversity Management encompasses:

Diversity Management Consultation

Diversity At Work offers diversity management training and consulting that provides practical tools to realize the business benefits of diversity. By incorporating best practices in diversity management, your organization will position itself as an employer of choice and a leader in your sector and community.

Businesses flourish when they tap into the unlimited potential of diverse teams. Achieve results in innovation, creativity, productivity and efficiencies by creating a workplace that values and fosters an inclusive, diverse and culturally sensitive environment. Reach new ethnic and niche markets and leverage diverse perspectives, experiences and communities through multi-cultural marketing initiatives.

Diversity At Work believes individuals from diverse communities will have greater opportunities to find meaningful employment and contribute to the economic success of their community. Businesses will realize the economic and social benefits of creating inclusive workplaces and of marketing services and products to a wider consumer and business market.

Learn more about our Business Diversity Advisors and how they can provide the insight, access and understanding to the many cultural communities

Top 10 Reasons to Get Diversity Working

10. Develop and maintain a positive public image. Offering services and/or products to diverse communities, your organization will stand out as a leader in your field which can translate into positive media attention.

9. Avoid discrimination-based legal action. Recognizing and embracing diversity in the workplace can limit the likelihood of lawsuits alleging discrimination. Lawsuits are expensive in attendant losses in productivity, settlement consequences and a tarnished reputation.

8. Create a healthier work environment. Effective diversity management can result in an accommodating and supportive work environment that recognizes the benefits of individual differences.

7. Innovative problem solving. Differences among team members contribute a variety of perspectives from different cultural backgrounds, ages, religions, genders and abilities.

6. Enhanced productivity. Homogeneous teams are less likely to produce creative, innovative solutions. With a diverse workforce that includes individuals of different ages, genders, sexual orientation, abilities, and cultural backgrounds, will overcome challenges through their wealth of experiences and perspectives.

5. Save money. Capitalize on the talents within your workforce and reduce employee turnover by learning to manage and maximize diversity in your workplace.

4. Support your local community and economy. Demonstrate your organization's commitment to the local economy by hiring men and women of different ethnicities of various ages and with varying abilities, from within your local community.

3. Develop and maintain a global competitive advantage. Cross-culturally trained and multi-lingual staff will give your business a clear advantage to operate in today's global market.

2. Decrease or eliminate barriers to sales. A diverse workforce has expert knowledge of the communities it represents and can help your organization expand beyond traditional markets and customers.

1. Fill job vacancies. Hiring from diverse groups can help you avoid a labour shortage by creating a larger pool of candidates from which to draw.