This was a great session very informative that should be attended by more than service providers. Employers need to hear this information it can do so much for the future of their businesses
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Small Business

The University of Western Ontario

Dear Colleague:

I am very happy to recommend to you Evelina Silveira of Diversity At Work, in your search for consultation and/or workshops on increasing your and your company's skill in communicating in a multicultural setting or increasing and benefitting from diversity in your workplace.

Evelina delivered two 90-minute workshops on "Intercultural Communication" at the University of Western Ontario's Annual Staff and Leaders' Conference, February 23 and 25, 2011. From the moment I engaged her, by phone and then in our first interview, I could see that her gentle and respectful manner, her practical focus, and her patience would be real assets in workshops on this topic.

During her two sessions at Western, Evelina presented very useful frameworks for understanding cultural differences, such as the difference between high-context and low-context styles and the differing levels of directness that can be observed in different cultures. She shone, particularly, in the Question and Answer period. Evelina was at her best when presented with a question that starts with "What do I do if..." in an intercultural interaction. Her answers were thoughtful and emphasized the unfailing efficacy of respect and empathy in such situations. She gave immensely practical tips on dealing with situations where communication seems almost impossible.

Participants made comments like the following:
"I gained a clearer understanding of the intrinsic differences between other cultures and mine." "I learned how to better respond to phone calls from parents/students with strong accents." "I learned ways to communicate in a culturally-sensitive way." "I learned why we need to be more aware of communication issues with different cultures. I wish that we could have had the full day workshop that the presenter normally gives as many here at the University including myself could use a lot more of this information so we are more culturally sensitive and aware. It really helped put me in the place of those whose languages are different than ours and gave me lots to think about when interacting with international students not just from a language, but a cultural perspective."
As you see, Evelina provides very important and useful learning that many today are seeking.


Peggy Roffey, PhD, Director, Learning and Development, Human Resources, Western

We are pleased to recommend Evelina Silveira and Diversity at Work to anyone curious about introducing the topics of intercultural communication, cultural norms, or cultural marketing. We had the pleasure of working with Evelina when she presented four workshops to various groups within our department. Evelina presented to part time staff, student volunteers and full time employees, proving herself to be flexible in what she does and willing to cater her presentations to her particular audience. She was organized and efficient throughout the planning process, communicating with organizers on a regular basis and very reliable in her work. Evelina is a confident presenter, who speaks truthfully, tactfully and knowledgably about experience and research across cultures.

Office of Residence Education and Programs, Western University

Huron Small Business Development Corporation

"I had the pleasure of having Evelina Silveira, of Diversity @ Work in London, facilitate a seminar for our organization (The Huron Business Development Corporation) on making products and services accessible to individuals with disabilities. Evelina was extremely professional and her passion and enthusiasm on this topic was contagious! If you are looking for an organization with strong facilitation skills and a fresh, educational view on diversity in the workplace, you need to connect with Diversity @ Work in London!"
Lisa Harper, Information Manager, Huron Business Development Corporation

Nikon Canada

Evelina assisted us with our Diversity training. She was professional, efficient and provided quick results. It was a great pleasure working with Evelina and would most definitely recommend her services for all your diversity requirements.
Diana Pastore, Director, Human Resources

Robertson Consulting

I attended the Encouraging and Nurturing Soft Skills in New Canadians workshop that Evelina Silveira delivered in London in November, 2013. I found the workshop to be participative, memorable and informative. Evelina was knowledgeable, patient and practical in her approach to her instructions. Evelina is considered to be the subject matter expert on diversity in the London area so I can recommend her services to other organizations who would like to educate their staff on this subject in the future.
Wendy Robertson, Robertson Consulting

Thames Valley Children's Centre

Very informative workshop! Thank you for incorporating examples and scenarios from our field of work; discussing ideas and solutions as a group was very helpful. The clinician tips and community resources provided at the back of the handout booklet are also very much appreciated. Thank you.
Caitlin Best, Psychometrist

The Canadian Mental Health Association –London Chapter

Evelina was compassionate, balanced and very informative. Great workshop.
Trix Van Egmond

I appreciated the alphabet for ESL. Very informative/useful resource binder for future use. Extremely interactive –great/kept things engaged.
Juan Kicks

Investors Group: London-Bluewater Director Team

"I had the opportunity to attend the "Tapping into Emerging Markets" workshop in October of 2007. The session was professionally presented with very relevant content. I learned that Canada's growth is coming from new immigrants and how this relates to business in London. The participants were able to meet members of the local ethnic media and learn how they can help us to tap into the emerging ethnic markets. I have used the information presented to help me with my ongoing recruiting efforts."
Julie Jenkins, Recruiting Coordinator, London-Bluewater Director Team

KWA Partners

"Evelina Silveira facilitated a very interesting and informative presentation entitled "Tips For Creating an Inclusive Workforce" sharing ideas and best practices on how to excel at managing diversity issues within organizations. Her audience appreciated the practical solutions that were suggested ensuring a professional handling of this critical employment issue."
Laurie Kornmuller, Senior Consultant, KWA Partners, London Ontario

Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex

"The presenter was very professional, articulate, relaxed and had good subject knowledge and experience."
Juliet Arthur, Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex

Perth District Health Unit

"This workshop was great in teaching me/us cultural sensitivity and so much more. Just loved the workshop! Thank you."
Mary Bergen, Perth District Health Unit

Meals on Wheels

"Thank you for making all of the day a real learning experience. I hate going to workshops where there is too much socializing, long breaks and a long lunch. This was perfect. I did not feel any part of the day was a waste of my time."
Christine Poier, Meals on Wheels

Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)

"Valuable content and strong presenter, who has provided a milieu for free discussion on what can be a contentious topic."
Dianne R. Saunders, CPRI

Vytec Career Action Centre

"Evelina brought a great deal of professionalism and grace to discuss a very sensitive topic. She was able to create a safe environment for us all, where we could truly ask any question. Some of the answers were surprising as well. Evelina is a great facilitator, and offers a substantial amount of experience and wisdom. Thank you! Great class!"
Chris Kulbaba, Vytec Career Action Centre

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

"Thanks again for your presentation to my HR class. Your friendly, knowledgeable style put the class at ease, and the case studies you presented were relevant to many of their own experiences. Just having the opportunity to discuss the studies in their own diverse classroom 'culture' was a really positive thing for the students. It was good for them to understand that the 'soft skills' of HR can augment and complement the hard skills they are learning here at Fanshawe College. It was a reminder for them to remain passionate about people - the real meaning of HR. Thanks."
Professor David Bell, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business