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About Us

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Diversity At Work provides consultancy services, workshop facilitation and language lessons to organizations engaged in harnessing the competitive advantages of strategic diversity management.

Diversity At Work in London is a diversity management business that works with organizations to realize the value of diversity in the workplace and in sales and marketing strategies. Companies and organizations hire Diversity at Work for diversity management workshops; elocution and pronunciation lessons; courses and seminars in multi-cultural marketing for small businesses, workplace accessibility, bias-free hiring practices, and cross-cultural communications; and corporate diversity consultation.

Diversity At Work helps companies maximize the competitive advantages of an inclusive and diverse working environment. We offer Consultation in Diversity Management, Small Business Human Resources and Diversity Marketing, Workshops and Language Classes.

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Winner of the CIRG – Community Inclusivity Reference Group 2013 Corporate Provincial Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity for Service and Innovation and Commitment to Excellence.