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Workplace Inclusion Services to Improve Employee and Customer Relations

Diversity at Work specializes in the provision of top-tier behavioral management training and consulting programs for you and your employees to redefine their potential and enhance their productivity. With over six consumer awards and almost two decades of experience later, we are here to make a difference that would change the dynamics of your workplace for the greater good. This extensive exposure to the corporate market fuels our dedicated team to deliver the best training and consulting programs with authentic material.

After 15 years in business, we understand the complicated dynamics of workplaces.

  • We can help you minimize conflicts and maximize output.
  • Our training can instill the confidence in your employees to be vocal about their ideas.
  • We can guide your workplace towards coherence and mutual understanding.
  • We can help you create a culture where bullying and harassment don’t stand a chance.
  • We can assist you with discovering best practices in serving a diverse customer base.

We are equipped to take these problems head-on as our team includes professional consultants, pronunciation coach, business advisors and leading business authors with over 20 years of experience practicing workplace diversity and business orientation management.

Diversity at Work believes in strengthening the core aspects of your workplace via improving employee and customer relations and exercising interaction-based activities.

  1. We promise a “No Death by Powerpoint” strategy that revolves around more live human interaction.
  2. We prefer to stimulate your employee’s inner self via personal reflection and group sessions.
  3. We use humor, storytelling and real-life incidents.
  4. Our team provides job aids and other pro-tips that can help your employee shine on a daily basis.
  5. We believe in increasing awareness to promote workplace harmony and working towards an inclusive workplace.


Winner of the CIRG – Community Inclusivity Reference Group 2013 Corporate Provincial Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity for Service and Innovation and Commitment to Excellence.